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The Audition

International Kids Runway stands as a leading stage for young enthusiasts in modeling, welcoming both seasoned and emerging talents. We believe in the unique potential of every child to shine in the esteemed arena of fashion.

Our goal is to showcase the vast array of young fashion perspectives, and we encourage applications from individuals of all backgrounds and abilities. The International Kids Runway is excited to collaborate with extraordinary young talents eager to explore the world of fashion modeling.


Model Application Requirements:


  • Age Group: Accepting young aspirants aged 3 to 18.

  • Physical Attributes: We do not adhere to strict height or size requirements, embracing diversity in all forms.

  • Appearance: Preference for children with a natural, photogenic quality, clear skin, and a bright smile that aligns with our designer’s vision.

  • Personality: We seek individuals with enthusiasm, a positive attitude, compliance with instructions, and strong teamwork capabilities.

  • Experience: Prior modeling experience is beneficial but not a necessity. We invite children with a passion for fashion and a desire to immerse themselves in the fashion industry.


Selection Process:


The casting process offers a unique opportunity for young talents to showcase their fashion sense and talent in a dynamic and professional environment, gaining insight into the fashion industry.


During the selection phase, each candidate will have the chance to impress a panel of expert judges through their visual appeal, confidence, and ability to follow instructions. This stage is crucial for young talents to demonstrate their individuality in a supportive and refined atmosphere.


Selected candidates will receive training in runway etiquette and posture, including outfit fittings customized to their body shape. They will collaborate with notable designers, stylists, and photographers, preparing for the upcoming fashion show. This preparation includes detailed fittings, hair and makeup consultations, and rehearsals leading up to the main event.


At the fashion show, chosen participants will showcase various designer outfits, representing the cutting-edge of youth fashion.


Post-Registration Guidelines:


  • After filling out the application form, applicants are required to pay the registration fee of $50 plus GST.

  • When the audition registration fee gets paid, a formal email will confirm the successful registration.

  • Details about the audition will be sent around two weeks before the scheduled date, including information on the time, location, dress code, and an overview of the audition process and its subsequent stages.

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